Enterprise Ag Strategies LLC (EAS) is an agriculture risk management holding company that provides specific risk management solutions for American Farmers to help assure profitability and sustainability of the individual farm operation for present and future generations. 

EAS holds three business units to provide specific solutions for specific risk management challenges experienced by American Farmers. 

Strategic Risk Management Services LLC (SRMS) is a general agency offering unique risk management insurance solutions to address the unique risk management challenges of individual farm operations. SRMS will not only offer these unique risk management solutions but will also train and support the independent agent in providing these differentiated private insurance products to the American Farmer. In addition to offering unique private insurance products, SRMS agents will have direct input on the creation and development of value-based private crop insurance products to help meet the risk management needs of the American Farmer.

Advanced Risk Management Concepts LLC (ARMC) is a research and development company that specializes in the development of new risk management products that will be marketed within the United States to the American Farmer. ARMC will develop risk management products that are aligned with recognized third-party standard organizations so that the farmers who use these products have the opportunity for obtaining a higher value for the commodity they are producing while protecting their investment. 

Ag-Law Compliance Resource LLC (ACRe) is a knowledge center tool that identifies federal and state regulations that apply to management decisions being made in the development of a farm plan or within a farm operation as the farm plan is being executed. ACRe identifies farm management decisions that are being made within a farm operation; and will provide explanation and insight of applicable federal and/or state regulation by management decision to educate the farmer or the farmer’s trusted advisor of the regulation that associated with that decision and the impact of the regulation on the decision being made. In addition, ACRe will identify any case law that is associated with that decision and will inform the farmer or the farmer’s trusted advisor of the outcome of the lawsuit.

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