Advanced Risk Management Concepts LLC (ARMC) is a research and development company that develops new crop and commodity risk management programs for commodities that are being produced by the American farmer.  The risk management programs that ARMC develops are new insurance policies, new endorsements to existing insurance policies, or new warranties or guarantees of performance for organics or other new hybrids or varieties of commodities that are used in food or feed production. 

The work done by ARMC is the research and development required to develop an insurance policy or warranty.  The development of an insurance policy or warranty will be aligned, as applicable, with third-party standards such as the USDA or ISO.  Included in the development of the insurance policy or warranty will be the development of all required IT software for program administration and all required handbooks and forms for administration, underwriting and claims. If you are interested in more information about the opportunity to develop risk management programs for the American farmer, please contact us.